Chilling discovery


My son left the basement freezer door open – wide open – for about three hours today.
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Three hours! (Shat…tuck!) The three pizzas and the two dozen freezee pops in there were freezee no more. (I really ought to unplug the old thing it’s probably costing me more than its worth.) He swears he doesn’t remember any of this. Won’t the Popsicles freeze again?” he asked. “Yes,” I told him. “But it costs MONEY!” Thank God it was this month and not next month when the price of energy will rival gold bullion. “How much money?” he asked. His second grade math class is doing a unit on money this month so he’s always asking how much everything costs. “That’s the thing,” I told him. “We don’t know. No one knows. All we know is it’s a LOT of money.” My neighbor told me she wanted to frame her recent BGE bill that came in at a mere $83. “We’re never at home,” she explained. Hmmm. So that’s the strategy. We need to turn everything off during the day and spend the time at someone else’s house.
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