Energy bill blues


Shattuck. Shat….tuck.

There’s something about the last name of Constellation Energy CEO Mayo Shattuck that has the ring of a curse word. It’s those satisfying hard consonant sounds that feel wickedly good when spat out in frustration.
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When I open my BGE bill in July to find the 72 percent increase will suck up half my month’s grocery budget, I’ll want to curse. But I think I’ll shout “Shat….tuck!” instead. My kids will be listening. They’ll also be sweating in the heat since we’ll have to save energy on the air conditioning. They’ll be whiny because to save money I decided to entertain them at home instead of send them to camp. It’s the element of surprise that really gets to me. At this time last summer I didn’t know enough to worry about a huge increase in my BGE bill. I know there were uncertainties in the offing. But I’m pretty sure the politicians and legislators had to have some notion that a spike was coming.
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Shattuck’s not alone in this, but since he’s going to be making millions on this merger deal, it feels good to lay my frustration at his door. He can afford to air condition his mansion. I believe I read he has a cleaning lady and a 40-hour a week nanny. Shat…tuck!

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