How long will it take a Bel Air mom to find "skinny jeans?"


Ok, ok I get it. I’ve read several stories recently about how flared-bottom jeans are out and skinny is in. As a former fashion writer I understand that this should be recognized as a ploy by the denim industry to change-up the silhouette in order to boost flat-lining boot-cut sales. But as I was a former fashion writer for a newspaper in Delaware (not-exactly-the-fashion-capital) I’m also aware that a good gauge of a town’s fashionable factor has to do with how long it takes a trend to infiltrate the consciousness of suburban moms. (It’s about the same time it takes for a trend to reach its dying days) So I’m joining to try an experiment. I’m going to see how long it takes for me to encounter skinny jeans that I’d consider buying. I’m not going to actively hunt them — I’d have to pay way too much for them that way. I’m going to see how long it takes them to find me. I recently blogged about some of the fashion-forward steps Main Street was taking. This skinny jean expedition will prove how quickly Bel Air is catching on.