More horrific Harford County holiday news


This was a bad Memorial Day weekend up here in Harford County. Friday we had the first murder in more than 20 years all over some bad driving. A Saturday night knife fight in Edgewood left two teenagers injured. Then at about 4 p.m. today in Jarrettsville, it appears a father accidentally drove his SUV over his 18-month-old son in his own driveway. See WBAL radio’s account of the incident here. This latest incident is every parent’s nightmare. Here in my cul-de-sac all the kids get really comfortable with the lack of traffic. That’s resulted in some close calls. One little girl was running along the sidewalk after dusk when I saw the teenager next door start to back out of his driveway. They were headed for a collision. Luckily she saw him and reared to a stop. I was watching her out my screen door but I couldn’t seem to get the door open and the words out fast enough to warn her. There have been times when I open the garage door and turn to start backing out of the garage and suddenly a playmate coming to visit one of my kids appears in my driveway. Most of those of us who live in the cul-de-sac remember to slow down and look for playing children who don’t always remember to look both ways before darting into the street. But then not everyone who swings through the cul-de-sac is a neighbor. I tell the kids that drivers can’t always see them. They’re too short. But kids’ memories are short and when they’ve got a game of tag going, I see them beeline into the street with no thought of the danger that could be coming. I insist they change the game rules to keep them on the sidewalk. I stand in the street when they’re playing and make eye contact with the drivers and wave to make sure they notice the kids. But I’m not always there. Sometimes I’m distracted too. And that’s when these horrific things happen.