My iPod, my teenager?


When I was a teenager, it was all about the Sony Walkman. I had the yellow “Sports” one. It was supposed to be waterproof, at least enough to keep it running in a light rain. Yes, I’d have to stop running to flip the cassette tape. The only way to mix up (or “shuffle”) songs was to make a mix tape of your own, which I did. I used a tape recorder. I think I still have one here somewhere. I think it’s with my Yaz and Violent Femmes cassettes. But now that I’m a mom with kids who I fear will soon dupe me with their technological prowess (and their unintelligible text messaging), I’ve traded up to the iPod. I want to figure this techie stuff out before they do. I got the Shuffle because I simply don’t have 40 million favorite songs. One gig of storage is fine for me. The nursery at the club only gives me two hours to work out anyway. Although, I’ve found wearing the iPod while doing housework makes some chores less odious, and it makes the kids harder to hear (good thing/bad thing). I’ve had the thing for a year. I still haven’t mastered it. I find it behaves much like I think my teens-in-training might. It’s a bit touchy. I have to turn it on. Wait for it to “wake up” (a little green light goes off when it’s time). It’s a late sleeper. Then I have to push a button. Moments later music should start. It doesn’t always. It’s a little moody. And if I ask it to do something – like connect to my iTunes library and download a new group of songs — it takes some cajoling. If its in a good mood, it might. But more often then not it will start flashing an orange light at me, defiantly. It doesn’t seem to appreciate that I paid an extra $50 for the extra memory it enjoys. When I first got it, I called tech support for help. Someone who said his name was Kevin, but whose accent belied Bangalore, warned me that I was using up my only free tech call just to get the thing turned on. I guess with iPods, as with teenagers, you’ve got to try to figure them out for yourself.