My neighbor is trying Comcast’s new phone service


I’m so excited my neighbor is going to try Comcast’s new phone service. I think I could save almost $30 a month on my phone bill if I switch from Verizon. Lucky for me, my neighbor is giving it a test run first. The installation didn’t go well. The Comcast guys told her that the cables going into her house were worn. Then, they said the drastic temperature changes that occurred in the weather on the installation day further affected the lines. She said she was standing in the street yelling into her cell phone – which doesn’t get good reception in our neighborhood – trying to explain the problem to a Comcast supervisor. Although the company advertises that you don’t have to change your phone number to make the switch, she did because she has one of those exchanges that keep our calls to downtown Baltimore local instead of long-distance. Comcast laid a temporary line into her house. It’s a bright orange cable that looks like an extension cord that runs from the cable junction in her front yard, across her driveway and into her house. As she relayed this story to me over the phone yesterday, her voice sounded as if it were being relayed by satellite from outer space. However, she said she could hear me clearly. Today, I spoke to her son by phone and that connection sounded good. So maybe there is hope for saving $30 a month after all.