Prom peek


My husband and I stumbled into prom Saturday night. We were celebrating Mother’s Day with dinner at Rusty Scupper for the pure touristy pleasure of the wrap-around harbor view. There, we dined with four tables full of prom-goers. Of the four, only one couple dined intimately at a table for two nestled against the huge windows. The rest packed it in at tables for 10, all the guys in tuxes on one side, the girls in tiaras and satin gowns on the other. They seemed a little unsure how to carry themselves in their finery, sitting a little hunched over and popping out cell phones in the middle of dinner. But one gallant fellow at the table nearest us had the wherewithall to hail a manager after receiving his check. He pointed out that the check indicated eight people were dining together when it was only six. And, he said, they were charged for refills on their sodas even though the server filled them without asking permission. The check settled to his satisfaction, the gentlemen chatted about the total as they headed out of the restaurant to what I imagine was one of the dozens of limos on steriods plying the streets framing the harbor that night. There were meaty Hummer stretch limos in black and in white, Caddillac limos followed closely by SUV limos. But the best ride I saw that night was the cabin cruiser named “Spoiled Rotten” that carried a dozen prom-goers in sherbert-colored gowns across the Inner Harbor where they disembarked near the Marriott hotel. What looked like the most fun to me was the group that could have simply strolled down the brick promenade from the Rusty Scupper to the Maryland Science Center. There, a line of prom kids waited at the science center’s front doors to dance with dinosaurs.