What’s happening to the Harford Mall?


With only a few days to go before the biggest shopping season of the year officially arrives, the Harford Mall is looking like the hostess whose guests arrived while she was still in her curlers. While new Harford Mall signs are going up, replacing those flying geese with stylish medallions, construction equipment is turning the mall’s food court into a pile of rubble. I’m planning to go on a shopping trip to investigate. But I’m a bit intimidated by the chain link fence and contruction trucks. I’ve been scouring the internet today looking to see if I can find a site plan for the mall. I imagine one must have been approved by the planning board. From reading old articles, it appears this is the renovation that the mall’s management company CBL & Associates had been planning a year ago and postponed for a bit. Harford Mall is listed in a series of malls CBL is renovating in 2006 in this company press release. The company’s website says the Harford Mall is to receive a renovation and “lifestyle addition.” “Lifestyle addition” is described as having a “Main Street” feel with outside entrances to stores with parking in front. I imagine that portion of the mall would have a similar feel to The Avenue at White Marsh. Perhaps by next Black Friday it will be looking a lot better.