Who’s afraid of Sony PlayStation 3? Apparently, we are. But doesn’t our police chief look clever today?


The bloggers have been buzzing with the news that Bel Air’s Best Buy store decided at the last minute not to sell PlayStation 3 on its Friday release date or Nintendo Wii, which was to go on sale tomorrow, citing safety concerns for their customers. The decision was made in conjunction with the company that owns the Harford Mall Annex where the store is located and Bel Air Police Chief Leo F. Matrangola, according to a story in today’s Baltimore Sun. The story says the company that owns the property, CBL & Associates Properties, has a policy against shoppers camping out overnight. When shoppers started lining up the night before the gaming consoles were to go on sale, the property owner called police to come and disperse the crowd, the story said. Those folks left as did another group of about 20 who police sent on their way when they started lining up at 6:30 a.m. Friday. Bloggers who heard the news Friday had plenty of fun with it, posting their own versions of the “Fresh Prince of Bel Air’s” theme song to commemorate the event. But then, this morning came news that the PlayStation camp outs attracted some trouble across the country. The Sun’s story said gunmen tried to rob a line of shoppers in Putnam, Conn. and shot one shopper (now in the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries) who refused to give up his money. Shoppers at a Target store in Henrico, Va., were so unruly police fired a paint ball at the ground to get their attention. In White Marsh, police were called about six times to a Best Buy store to resolve problems until Baltimore County police finally ordered the crowd of about 350 off the property at 6 a.m. When the store opened, shoppers returned without any problems, the story said. The Washington Post covered some of the melees in its story today. Read it here. Round two is already under way with Nintendos Wii to go on sale when stores open tomorrow morning. My son’s still happy with his Ninetendo Gamecube (which he hasn’t been playing lately with our current focus on schoolwork) and I’m not one for parking lot camp-outs. But, I’m enjoying the launch from the comfort of my kitchen table by keeping tabs on Engadget’s live blogging from the mob scene outside Toy R Us in Times Square. Check it out here.