Six days and counting and it’s getting wild out there


It’s getting crazy out there. You can see it in shoppers’ eyes. Last week, they were willing to chat. This week, conversation annoys them. Every errand takes at least twice as long. Every intersection can be passed only after waiting through at least two light cycles. At the Bel Air Target today, as I waited in a line of shoppers hoping to return things at Customer Service, I overheard two women complaining to the store manager that the store wouldn’t sell them one of its displays. At least I think that’s what they were asking. It was hard to hear over my daughter asking “Can you breathe now, Mommy?” as she held my nose while we waited for the clerk to determine whether it was OK for the woman in front of us to exchange the sweatshirt she bought five minutes ago for a different size. At the Bel Air Post Office, the line snaked out into the vestibule. But it moved at a decent clip. (Friday, we had the unfortunate good luck of finding the Post Office empty when we arrived due to a traffic accident near Boulton Road that required two medical helicopters and tied traffic in knots for hours.) After Target and the Post Office, I escaped to downtown Main Street, which I always find a bit quieter. At Klein’s grocery store on Main Street, the clerk ringing up my order said the store hadn’t been too busy yet. I hope the wild-eyed shoppers don’t find my secret places.