Something to keep your kids busy while you get ready for Thanksgiving


    My daughter’s preschool made clever Thanksgiving centerpieces out of pineapples and I thought it would be a great way to keep kids busy while you’re preparing the big dinner. So if you’re shopping for your supplies today, just pick up a pineapple (look for a greenish one, they seem to ripen and soften quickly) and toothpicks. You’ll also need colored construction paper (lots of brown for all the turkey parts) little plastic googlie eyes from the craft store (although you could just draw eyes). Lay the pineapple on its side and have the kids cut wing shapes out of construction paper. They use the toothpicks to attach the wings to two sides of the pineapple. The head is the tricky part. You need to cut two identical head and long neck shapes that end in an extra long strip of paper. Put glue just on the heads and stick them together, leaving the neck and the long strips free to spread over each side of the pineapple near its bottom. After gluing or drawing eyes on each side of the head, and adding a yellow beak and red waddle, straddle the two long strips at the end of the headpiece over the end of the pineapple and use toothpicks to attach the headpiece to the pineapple. Then, cut feather shapes out of the construction paper and tuck them into its tuft of stiff leaves. That’s it. That should keep the kids busy for at least an hour or so if they cut out the parts themselves. After that, send them outside until you’re finished cooking. The weather is supposed to be decent. Happy Thanksgiving!