How to pick those Central Committee Members on primary election day


Tuesday is primary election day. I usually know who I’m going vote for in the major races. But when I get in the voting booth I’m always stumped by those Central Committee members. I’m familiar with the other candidates’ names. I’ve seen them emblazoned on signs all over town for weeks. But suddenly I’m supposed to select up to five men and five women I’ve usually never heard of before to serve on a committee whose duties are more than a bit murky to me as I’m standing over that voting terminal. It turns out that this year there is actually some drama in the Republican Central Committee race. A story in last week’s Aegis reported that there are 37 candidates for 12 committee positions and the local Tea Party organization has become involved. According to the Aegis story: “…the Harford County chapter of Campaign for Liberty, a Tea Party movement group, mailed a postcard to Republican households in the county with the names of 12 central committee candidates who have signed the group’s ‘Liberty Pledge.'” Things are much quieter in the Democratic Central Committee race. There are just 16 candidates running for 12 positions. All but two of the current incumbents are running. Click here to read the Aegis story:

Click here to see a list of all local candidates running in the primary election:

The Republican Central Committee has a website at
You can click on their members page here to see a list of their current membership. Five of their 12 members have biographies you click on to learn more about them.

The Democratic Central Committee’s website is at
You can see its membership here:
There are no biographies, but there are head shots.

If you have questions about voting, visit the Harford County Board of Elections website at

Happy voting!