Clear snow from outdoor drains to protect your home from water damage


You probably already shoveled out your driveways and walkways after yesterday’s snow storm, but Bel Air News & Views sponsor Chip Schilling of of Northern Chesapeake Insurance suggests there are a few other areas around your house that need some attention.

Melting snow can overwhelm sump pumps and lead to basement water problems. To protect your home, Chip recommends clearing snow from around the foundation of your house. If you have one of those outdoor basement stairwells with a drain at the bottom, clear snow away from the drain so that melting snow won’t overwhelm your sump pump. Clearing snow will take pressure off the sump pump and can prevent an overflow. Also clear snow from the area outside your house where the sump pump discharges. The will help discharging water to flow away from your house.

When you’re done shoveling, check to make sure your homeowners’ policy covers water and sewer back-up. Chip says this is an optional rider that is not included in the base homeowners’ policy. He says water and sewer back-up  coverage is the only way that your policy will pay for a sump pump overflow.  He says the added cost to your policy is often as low as $25 per year.

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