Passover Mega-Site Coming to Harford County, Helping to Ease Holiday Preparation


Chabad of Harford County’s Rabbi Schusterman just sent along the following information about online Passover resources to help plan your holiday:

Passover Mega-Site Coming to Harford County, Helping to Ease Holiday Preparation

Plan Your Menu, Purchase Handmade Matzah, Access “How-to Guides,” Attend Communal Seders Worldwide & Much More at Chabad’s Site

Bel Air, MD April 14th 2011 The world’s most comprehensive Passover site has opened for the upcoming holiday season at A project of Chabad of Harford County, includes hundreds of web pages with a chock full of holiday information from practical, how-to guides and deep mystical insights to recipes and games for the entire family. With the the help of the animated “Mr. Matzah,” users can easily navigate through the site’s many features, which include:

  • Worldwide Communal Seder Finder – Whether you’re traveling for the holiday, not affiliated with a local synagogue or otherwise in  search of a Passover seder this year, you can check out hundreds of communal seders in cities throughout the world.
  • Schedule of Times – From places as remote as Karachi, Pakistan or Zhengzhou, China, to as close as Towson, you can look up local candle lighting times, the last time leavened bread (or “chametz”) can be eaten and when must it be sold.
  • Passover Purchases and Sales – A time saver for everyone, users can conveniently order Matzah and sell their chametz (leavened bread) online.
  • Menu Planner – The Passover chef can peruse through a menu planner and access traditional recipes for holiday favorites such as matzah balls and horseradish.
  • Step-by-Step/How-to Guides – Adults and kids can count on guides, ranging from how to do a pre-holiday cleaning to navigating through the seder nights.
  • Comprehensive Online Library – The full Passover Haggadah text, Seder Companion, in-depth commentary, short nuggets and more can be found among the 1,200+ insightful articles about Passover.
  • Multimedia — Kids will be kept busy with the site’s multimedia activities and educational games.  Appealing to all ages, Chabad has made available on the site step-by-step videos on the processes of baking Matzah and making wine.; The audio download on the site offers some traditional Passover tunes to liven up the seder.

“Throughout the world Chabad-Lubavitch emissaries bring Passover holiday practices and joy to millions of Jews in myriads of ways,” said Chabad Rabbi Kushi Schusterman at the Chabad of Harford County. “We hope our Passover website will helping visitors delve deeper into the holiday — and allow hundreds of thousands to learn about it for the very first time.”

Chabad’s Rabbi stressed that the site was designed “with every Jew in mind, young and old. Those of all backgrounds, both beginner and advanced, will find the site both informative and useful.”

The Chabad-Lubavitch movement is expecting more than one million people to visit the site during the week before Passover and during the intermediate days of Passover.  (According to Jewish law one may not use electronic devices during the first two and last two days of the eight-day holiday and the Sabbath.)

Passover, beginning this year on the eve of Monday Night, April 18th, until after nightfall on Tuesday April 26th, recalls the Jewish People’s miraculous redemption by G-d from Egyptian slavery 3,322 years ago. Directed by G-d to leave hastily, the nation of a few million could not even wait for their dough to rise and ate unleavened bread. To commemorate this miraculous exodus, Jews abstain from eating — or even owning or benefiting from — any leavened substance during the eight days of Passover (and a part of the day preceding it).  On the first two nights (in Israel: only the first night) of the holiday a Seder (literally: Order) is held to commemorate the liberation from Egypt and the celebration of the Paschal sacrifice offered and eaten in the times of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem. Seder  requirements include eating Matzah, four cups of wine, bitter herbs (to recall the pain of the Egyptian enslavement), and recounting the exodus story.

To learn more about Passover, make reservations for the seder, or for further information, please contact Rabbi Schusterman at Chabad of Harford County, at 443-353-9718 or email or visit our website at

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