Earthquake rattles Bel Air

Shake map courtesy USGS

The earthquake that just sent my glassware rattling on dining room shelves looks like it’s a 5.8 magnitude quake with an epicenter in Mineral, Va. It was felt all the way from North Carolina to Martha’s Vineyard. My neighbor’s Comcast phones weren’t working, but my Verizon FiOS is operating.

Harford’s Emergency Ops Ctr is activated and is assessing damage. Plz do not call 911 unless you are reporting damage or need assistance.
8/23/11 2:13 PM

Here are some quake details:

Here are some tips from FEMA  on what to do  after an earthquake:

Aftershocks are possible. FEMA says: “These secondary shockwaves are usually less violent than the main quake but can be strong enough to do additional damage to weakened structures and can occur in the first hours, days, weeks, or even months after the quake.”

When an earthquake strikes, FEMA recommends dropping to the floor and holding onto a sturdy piece of furniture for support. Click here for more tips on what to do during an earthquake: