Hurricane Irene expected to be near Harford County around 8 a.m. Sunday; mostly rain, high winds in forecast


The latest weather report from the National Weather Service estimates that Hurricane Irene will be closest to Harford County at 8 a.m. on Sunday. At the moment, it appears Harford County should see mostly rain — 1 to 3 inches — from this storm, according to a report in The Aegis. However, the storm could change its direction at any time and increase or decrease its impact on this area.

The Eastern Shore is expected to bear the brunt of Irene in Maryland and Ocean City officials ordered residents and tourists to evacuate the city by midnight. The evacuation was the first ordered for Ocean City since 1985, according to The Baltimore Sun.

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Here’s the latest information from the Harford County Division of Emergency Operations:


Harford Braces for Hurricane Irene

Preparation is the key to staying safe

(Bel Air, MD) – – The Harford County Division of Emergency Operations is urging Harford County residents to prepare for high winds, heavy rain and higher tides as a result of Hurricane Irene. As Hurricane Irene moves northward, Harford County and other areas of Maryland could feel the effects from this major storm by the weekend.

The Harford County Division of Emergency Operations recommends citizens prepare for the storm by reviewing their storm survival plan and restock any needed food, water or other supplies to get them through the storm. Additionally, emergency management personnel recommend residents test their battery-powered flashlights and radios to ensure they are storm ready.

“Preparation is the key to staying safe during a storm emergency,” stated County Executive David R. Craig. “We urge citizens to follow the progress of Hurricane Irene on radio, television or the internet and take all necessary precautions to ensure the safety of family and loved ones,” County Executive Craig remarked.

Harford County emergency management personnel caution homeowners to prepare their yards for the potential of strong or gusting winds as a result of the hurricane. Many items can become flying debris and result in damage to homes, vehicles and other property during a severe storm.

Homeowners and occupants should make sure outside oil or fuel tanks are properly anchored so they will not overturn or float away due to rising water. Additionally, items in the yard that cannot be moved inside should be anchored or secured so there is less chance of becoming projectiles in high winds.

For additional storm preparedness tips, go to the Harford County Division of Emergency Operations website at and click on “Surviving the Storm” icon.

If, as is currently expected, the storm brings heavy rain and damaging winds, citizens will be urged to stay off the roads during and immediately following the event unless in cases of emergency. Given the possibility for flooding and debris blocking roadways as a result of the storm, the Harford County Department of Public Works will be monitoring county roads, and will maintain an online listing of county-maintained roads that are temporarily closed if conditions deteriorate. This page can be accessed at:

“The Harford County Division of Emergency Operations, the Harford County Sheriff’s Office, local and State Police and our fire and emergency medical services personnel are ready to meet the challenges of the pending storm,” stated County Executive Craig. “Nonetheless, surviving the storm is everyone’s responsibility,” Craig said.