Lavalier boutique in downtown Bel Air has started renting jewelry out for those times when you need something fancy, just for tonight


I just discovered the Bel Air downtown boutique Lavalier has started renting jewelry out for women who need something fancy to wear just once in awhile. Owner Elise Smith calls it “Charter Jewelry” and charges about $10 to $15 to rent a piece for seven days. (She takes your credit card information and will charge you the jewelry’s full value if you don’t return it.) She sells a variety of different types of jewelry and accessories but she told me she thought jewelry rentals would be a good option for homecoming dances, proms and other events where you need a piece to enhance an outfit you might only wear once. It reminds me of movie stars borrowing Harry Winston’s diamonds for Oscar night. Lavalier’s rhinestones and other semi-precious stones are far less valuable than Winston’s, but the idea is similar. You just don’t need to be followed by armed guards during your evening out. I have a black tie event coming up this weekend and I was going to wear my grandmother’s pearls until I found the necklace pictured above to rent at Lavalier. It’s a nice way to keep your jewelry as up-to-date as your dress. Now, if only there was a place to rent a dress . . .

Lavalier is at 9 South Main St. in downtown Bel Air. Call (410) 838-4479 or visit