Sam the African Grey Parrot was discovered in Brentwood Park and returned safely home


Just heard from Maria Synder, owner of Sam the African Grey Parrot, who went missing this past weekend. Sam is back home with his family now after being discovered in the Brentwood Park neighborhood. His owner sent along the following note to thank everyone for their help finding him:

Good Morning!

I just wanted to touch base and update you and your subscribers about Sam. We are relieved and thrilled to let you know that Sam is safely home!

We were fortunate enough that an observant resident on Olivier Lane in Brentwood Park spotted Sam and called us immediately. It took a bit of time to coax him out of the trees in the neighborhood but thanks to all the residents that came out to help we were successful.

I cannot even begin to express my appreciation to all the people in the community who were so supportive and helpful. Perfect strangers shared their encouragement and prayers, they allowed us access to their yards, several walked the woods or offered to walk and search, many posted and reposted about Sam on different social networks, a few printed & distributed copies of our flier, and those from Olivier Lane stayed out in the pouring rain to help us coax an extremely frightened and tired bird out of the trees.

Sam is very special to our family and “Thank You” will never come close to truly expressing our gratitude but it’s what I have so THANK YOU to the community at large who cared and helped to bring our Sammie home!!

Maria Snyder