‘FAST TRACK’ motorcycle licensing scheduled at Bel Air MVA April 18


The Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration is offering a quick way for motorcycle operators to get licensed at the Bel Air MVA office on April 18. The licensing tests are by appointment. Call 443-572-8236 to schedule.


April 18th ‘FAST TRACK’ Motorcycle Licensing Scheduled at Bel Air MVA

GLEN BURNIE, MD (April 6, 2012) — On Tuesday, April18, 2012 the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration’s (MVA) Motorcycle Safety Program will sponsor a FAST TRACK Licensing event at the Bel Air MVA office located at 501 West MacPhail Road, Bel Air, Maryland.  FAST TRACK Licensing is an initiative geared to highlight the importance of safe motorcycle operation and encourage licensure for all motorcycle operators.


FAST TRACK Licensing is specifically designed for riders who have not obtained a Class M motorcycle license.  Participants are expected to be familiar with the MVA Motorcycle Operations Manual (http://www.mva.maryland.gov/Resources/DL-001.pdf ) and can ask questions about the information in the manual during a  “study hall” session prior to  the written test.  Attendee’s successfully passing the written test will have the opportunity to complete the motorcycle licensing skills test on his/her own motorcycle. The motorcycle must be street legal, and riders must wear a DOT certified helmet and approved eye protection.


Participants passing only the written portion of the Class M testing will receive a Class M Learner’s Permit.  Attendee’s passing both the written and the riding portions of the test will receive a Class M license.  Normal licensing fees apply; $45 for a Class M license or $30 for a learner’s permit.

The FAST TRACK Licensing program is available by appointment only.  Individuals interested in participating can make an appointment by going to the Maryland Motorcycle Safety Program’s FAST TRACK Licensing page at http://www.mva.maryland.gov/MVA-Programs/moto/fast-track-licensing.htm for instructions on how to make an appointment online. For additional information, please contact the Maryland Motorcycle Safety Program at 443-572-8236.