Double rainbow ends week of changeable Harford County weather on a bright note

Photos courtesy Autumn Cecchi



Yesterday, we were treated to a much more pleasant weather phenomenon than last Friday’s destructive tornado. This brilliant double rainbow stretched across our area and could be seen in several states. The photos above were sent in by a reader who snapped them at Magoo’s Smokehouse at Pleasantville Road and Route 152 in Fallston. I shot the photo below in my Bel Air neighborhood.

Baltimore Weather Examiner Justin Berk explained the physics of yesterday’s double rainbow at

“One thing to notice with double rainbows. The color of the main or primary arch will always be in the same order. Red on the outside, then orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. A secondary arch will not be as bright, and will always have the colors in reverse order. This is not a reflection of the first rainbow, but actually a double bounce of the light within the raindrops before refracting out like a prism. Pretty cool, huh?”

Here’s a link to the slide show he included on his site: