Serious property damage and injuries reported in Fallston in aftermath of possible tornado

From Channel 11 WBAL TV

The triangle bordered by Harford Road, Bel Air Road and 152 in Fallston look like the epicenter of damage from today’s storm in Harford County. Captain Roy Taylor of WBAL’s Skyteam 11 is broadcasting the best images in the aftermath of the storm which has blocked traffic to the area. His images include a car flipped upside down, collapsed buildings, a BGE pole on fire. He’s reporting five people were injured and emergency crews were arranging transportation to Shock Trauma. The type of damage, that includes tree limbs snapped in half and a shed lifted off its foundation looks like tornado damage, but that hasn’t yet been determined.

Here’s a dramatic report a reader posted on Bel Air News & Views’ Facebook page:

Lillian McAllister Deeble

OMG! I was driving south on Rt. 1, just past Benson Barracks, north of Mountain Road. The rain was gushing down, could hardly see, then suddenly branches and debris starting swirling in a funnel like wind, hitting the car hard, I turned onto Whitaker Mill, and I swear the car lifted off the wheels. I waited for a few minutes, but my girls were home alone, a few miles south, so I took off again, wind still swirling, HUGE metal signs ripping up and flying into the road! Thank GOD I got home. Has anyone heard if anyone was hurt???
Thank you to Debbie who sent along this picture of a tree that fell on a car on Whitaker Mill Road during the storm: