Bel Air High School students carry on 9/11 memorial tradition, marking the school grounds with 3,000 American flags

Photo courtesy of The Bellarion

Bel Air High School English Teacher Anthony Blackburn sent along the following article by Jenny Koscinski appearing on the school’s news site, The Bellarion. It describes how students have carried on a 9/11 memorial tradition started three years ago by  former Bel Air High School Student Government President Christina McIntyre, who graduated as class valedictorian this past spring. Students spent yesterday afternoon placing 3,000 tiny American flags on the school grounds, each flag meant to represent one of the lives lost in the World Trade Center Bombing that occurred 11 years ago today. Here’s the article:

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3,000 Flags Used to Honor World Trade Center Victims

Jenny Koscinski
September 11, 2012
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On September 10, 2012 three dozen Bel Air High School students, led by Ben Barsam (Student Government President) and Chris Wilson (member of the Junior State of America Club) met after school and placed approximately 3,000 flags in front of Bel Air High School.  Each flag in the ground is meant to represent and honor every life lost in the World Trade Center Bombing that occurred 11 years ago.

This memorial event was started by the former President of the Bel Air High School Student Government Christina McIntyre.  Christina, the 2012 BAHS Valedictorian, created this tradition three years ago to honor the victims and the families of those killed in the September 11, 2001 World Trade Center Bombing.

Mr. Roth, the BAHS Student Government adviser stated, “This was a project started by Christina McIntyre several years ago to honor the victims of the World Trade Center Bombing.  Chris Wilson wanted to make sure that we continued to honor the victims, and so the Student Council and Ben Barsam have tried to pick up where Christina left off with the flag display.”