Aging summit held to explore ways to address needs of Harford County’s growing senior population


County officials held an “Aging Summit” in April to explore ways to improve services for vulnerable senior adults in Harford County. Here are the details:

2013 Aging Summit Held

County Leadership Meet to Discuss Increase in Senior Population

On April 16, 2013 leaders from county and state agencies, the court system and elected officials met for a briefing regarding the increasing number of seniors in Harford County, and the community support families need to care for older family members. County Executive David R. Craig spearheaded the Aging Summit, focusing on the needs of vulnerable senior adults in Harford County.

The summit was held in partnership with the Harford County State Attorney, Joe Cassilly, and the Harford County Sheriff, Jesse Bane.

“Families often call on us when they are in crisis,” said County Executive David R. Craig. “It’s when a sudden disability has happened or a senior can no longer live alone that we are called upon for help. When families are in need, making it difficult to find the assistance and resources they need is not helpful,” Craig continued.

In order to gain an overall understanding of the situation in Harford County, demographic information was presented showing 18% of the county’s population is 60 years and older, with another 16,415 individuals turning 60 prior to 2015. During the past five years, the senior population age 65 and over has only increased slightly, but the percent of projected increase from 2000 to 2015 is 68%. The following areas of the county have had over a 50% increase in senior citizens over the last ten years: Churchville area – 51.8%, Jarrettsville, a 55.1%, Forest Hill, a 62.6% and the Emmorton area, a 75.8% increase.

Councilwoman Mary Ann Lisanti stated, “With the population of seniors in Harford County rising, older citizens are making ever growing contributions to the quality of life in our communities. We too must be there for them and their families when they are in need of additional support, awareness and access to information.”

Councilwoman Lisanti announced she would introduce legislation to form a taskforce to develop a strategic plan to address the growing population of seniors and the supports our community will need to assist families.

Anyone wishing for additional information on services for seniors should contact the Harford County Office on Aging at 410-638-3303.