First Choice Automotive Extends its Brakes for Breasts Campaign until Nov. 19



Breast Cancer Awareness Month is ending, but First Choice Automotive is extending its Breaks for Breasts Campaign until Nov. 19. Here are the details:

First Choice Automotive Extends Brakes for Breasts Campaign

Joppa-based auto repair shop First Choice Automotive has

extended its Brakes for Breast campaign until November 19, 2013.

[Joppa, Maryland] October 29, 2013 –First Choice Automotive and Advance Auto Parts just announced that they will be extending their Brakes for Breasts campaign until November 19 and will offer customers free brake pads and donate ten percent of every brake service directly to the Cleveland Clinic Breast Cancer Vaccine Research Fund.


Launched in 2011 by two women in the automotive industry, Brakes for Breasts is unique in that all money raised goes directly to the Cleveland Clinic Breast Cancer Vaccine Research Fund to fund research of a vaccine which will lead to a cure for breast cancer, not just treatments for the disease. According to the group’s website, preliminary research published in Nature Medicine in 2010 found that a single vaccination could prevent breast tumors from growing in mice genetically bred to develop breast cancer, while also inhibiting the growth of already existing breast tumors.


“The reason I decided to participate in Brakes for Breasts is because I have six important women in my life: my wife, two stepdaughters, my mother, and two granddaughters,” says David Buchanan, director of First Choice Automotive. “I have a three-year-old granddaughter, and, in ten years, I would love for her to be able to get a vaccine from her pediatrician, much like the HPV vaccine, that would ensure she would never have to worry about getting breast cancer.”


This year, 60 independently-owned auto repair shops representing 20 states across the United States are participating in the Brakes for Breasts campaign. According to program co-founder Leigh Anne Best, 100 percent of the proceeds from Brakes for Breasts go directly to breast cancer vaccine research, with none of the donated profits lost to marketing and administrative fees.


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