Ice cream flavor created by high school students now available at Bloom’s Broom Dairy


production BB group and Monica Richmond

The ice cream flavor local high school students created as part of a food science program hosted by TIC Gums in White Marsh is now available at Broom’s Bloom Dairy. Here are the details:

TIC Gums’ Ice Cream University Winning Flavor On Sale

The 2014 Ice Cream University Winning Flavor, Bonfire Delight, On Sale Today At Broom’s Bloom Dairy

WHITE MARSH, MD. (May 21, 2014) – Six weeks later, TIC Gums’ winning Ice Cream University flavor, dubbed Bonfire Delight, is now on sale at Broom’s Bloom Dairy store located in Harford County.

Bonfire Delight (originally named Campfire Delight) was the creation of Sarah Ermatinger, Bel Air High School; Shayla Graves, Bel Air High School; Rebecca Jones, Bel Air High School; Monica Richmond, Eastern Technical High School; and Kevin Vickery, Havre de Grace High School.

“Our ice cream is a modern interpretation of a s’more. Since it is a classic treat, we think this is a good flavor for any demographic,” said a team representative.

Ice Cream University is a program hosted by TIC Gums at the TIC Gums Texture Innovation Center in White Marsh, MD. This year, seventeen local high school students with interest in science, culinary and marketing were accepted. The program was based on Cornell University’s Food Science 101 course which is required for incoming freshman of the College of Food Science. TIC Gums sponsored each student’s $500 program fee and provided home ice cream makers upon program completion.

“We’ve been getting calls at the store several times a day asking when the ice cream will be available. Everyone is so excited to try it,” said Janey Wolff, general manager and ice cream maker at Broom’s Bloom Dairy. The students produced the ice cream Monday, May 19, under Wolff’s supervision. Ice cream enthusiasts are encouraged to try Bonfire Delight on sale for a limited time only.